What is intersectional feminism?

“We knew that there could be no real sisterhood between white women and women of color if white women were not able to divest of white supremacy, if feminist movements were not fundamentally anti-racist.”

bell hooks

The goals of feminism are gender equality and justice for people of all genders, but the reasons for injustice or inequality are not the same for all women. That’s because different types of oppression intersect (for example, racism, classism, sexism). One woman may experience sexism and racism while another may experience homophobia and sexism. We need inclusive, intersectional feminist for the movement to truly impact and create positive change in the lives of all.

For a basic introduction to Intersectional Feminism:


Angela Davis’ call for inclusive, intersectional feminism at the Women’s March on Washington (January 21, 2017)


“Glossing over the issues faced by specific groups of women for the sake of unity centers the feminist movement on those who have the most privilege and visibility. It allows those who already take up a disproportionate amount of space in the movement to look as if they’re making room for others without giving up any themselves.”

From Why Our Feminism Must Be Intersectional and Three Ways to Practice It